AM Revitalization Reply Comments

If you have something to say in the FCC’s AM Revitalization Rulemaking proceeding, you have until February 18 [Revised to…continue reading

National Alliance of AM Broadcasters

The FCC’s AM revitalization rulemaking proceeding has awakened a hope among AM broadcasters that there could be a better future…continue reading

AM Improvement Proceeding Proceeds at FCC

The FCC opened a rulemaking proceeding, MM Docket 13-249 on the Revitalization of the AM Radio Service.  In it, the…continue reading

New AM Principal Community Rules Proposed

The FCC has proposed loosening the principal community coverage rule for AM stations.  This is part of the new Notice…continue reading

FM Translators for AM stations – the good and not so good

The FCC hopes to help AM broadcasters by giving them a first shot at getting FM Translators by opening an…continue reading

Group looks to overhaul of AM regulation in US

An ad-hoc group of engineers is investigating the idea of a complete overhaul of regulation of AM Radio in the…continue reading

AM Power and Operational issues

AM Station Power Class Present Maximum Proposed Region II US-Mexican US-Canadian A 50 kW Day 50 kW Night 100 kW…continue reading

AM Transitional Hours Proposal

AM Radio waves propagate by groundwave at all times, but at night the signals also propagate by skywaves.  Medium wave…continue reading

Proposed AM DAY Protection Standards

AM stations rarely have regular listeners outside the 1 mV/m groundwave contour because noise levels preclude interference free service, and…continue reading

AM Gets Short Shrift in Performance Royalty Deal

The FM Radio in Cellphones vs Radio Broadcasters paying performance royalties is a bad deal for Broadcasters.