About AMBand.org

AMBand.org was formed in 2006 by a group of broadcast professionals who felt that there was no focused source of information on the web specifically about Medium Wave Broadcasting. There were many issues that uniquely faced AM broadcasters that were not being addressed in a focused way: IBOC Conversion, DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale), noise interference, the unique propagation for Medium Waves, FCC regulation, receiver design issues, varying service areas between day and night, programming that brings listeners to the band, and a host of other issues.

We thought that building a collaborative site that was specifically to address the information that AM broadcasters and listeners need would be a good idea.

AMBand.org has become the website of a new organization, the National Alliance of AM Broadcasters.  The NAAMB will provide a focus on a cooperative effort to solve the problems of AM broadcasters.  We will undertake research, provide a clearinghouse for ideas, interface with government, promote medium wave digital broadcasting and channe 5 and 6 digital migration,  provide education on technical and sales issues, and provide cooperative acquisition of services for AM stations.

Well here it is: Enjoy the articles, feel free to comment (moderated, so there will be no flaming permitted) and think about authoring an article or two. I’m sure all of you would like to get on your soapbox for a minute of fame!

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