AM Revitalization Reply Comments

If you have something to say in the FCC’s AM Revitalization Rulemaking proceeding, you have until February 18 [Revised to March 20] to get your reply comments in.

Reply comments are to expand, refute or agree with the comments which people already filed in FCC MM Docket 13-249.  You needn’t have originally filed, you just should refer to a comment already on file, such as those by the National Alliance of AM Broadcasters.  It can just be a simple ‘ I endorse the comments of XXXXX’, a complete point by point critique, or an expansion on one of the good ideas put forth by a commenter.

To look at any of the 150 comments filed in the original filing window, CLICK THIS will bring you to the list of comments where you can download them for reading.

When you have formulated your thoughts, you can either type them directly into a webform and save them on the FCC site or upload a .pdf file you have written and saved  to the FCC ECFS site.  The upload link will require you to select “Reply Comments” from the dropdown list.